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Insomnia: Eat Your Way To A Good Night’s Sleep


An overactive mind and body cause insomnia, so you should reduce your energy levels before bed time by avoiding certain foods. You should not go to bed with a full stomach and stay clear of stimulating foods such as pickles, tomatoes and chocolate. The right kind of foods may just contain in the insomnia remedy that will help you sleep much faster and easier.


Beat Stress: Bananas

Bananas are the easiest food to digest. You can ease any nerve or a stimulated mind by eating a banana, a great source of vitamin B, which is essential in the functions of many important enzymes in the nervous system.

Calm Down: Lettuce

Rapid fluctuations in sugar levels can inhibit relaxation. Lettuce promotes a steady release of sugar. It also speeds up the absorption of tryptophan ( the body’s own natural sleep inducing chemical), increasing serotonin levels, which regulates your sleep cycle.

Relax: Herbal Teas

Passion flower, chamomile and peppermint are all sleep inducing. Put a mixture of these in dried leaf form into an infuser. Valerian tea is also suggested for insomnia, nervous tension and stress.

Stop Leg Cramps: Swiss Cheese

Increasing your daily intake of calcium and magnesium, found in dairy products such as Swiss cheese, will help to reduce cramps and also encourage the release of sleep hormones to aid a good, restful night’s sleep.

Tuck In: Porridge

As well as having a low glycaemic index, porridge is a low calorie, high bulk food that prevents sugar rushes before bed. Prepare it with milk, rather than water.

Drink Up: Milk

Drink a cup of warm milk one and a half hours before bed. Milk contains tryptophan, which is absorbed more easily when the milk is warm. Turkey, tuna and peanut butter also contain tryptophan.


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