Isabelle Lancray Paris Skin Whitening Range

Isabelle Lancray Paris Skin Whitening Range

The Isabelle Lancray Paris skin whitening range has been designed by Dr. Rimpler especially for Asian skin. It acts not merely as a whitening cream but its SPF 15 also provides protection from harmful UV sunrays. With Isabelle Lancray, you get a personalized service and their full range of products comprising of a cleanser, toner, serum, skin peeler and chlorophyll mask. For younger looking skin use Isabelle Lancray and say goodbye to blemishes, scars and uneven tones.

A traditional French skin care line, Isabelle Lancray’s specialty lies with its customized products for different ingredients and High-Tec purified actives are available. Isabelle Lancray has been developed as a combination of elegant French Cosmetics with the progress of German engineering and science by Dr. Rimpler GmbH since 1997.

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