Khiva…Central Asian Cuisine: Islamabad


Khiva lies in the center of Margalla hills. This restaurant offers a variety of rare central Asian cuisine. This house turned restaurant doesn’t catch the eye from outside but it’s the inside that’s truly captivating. Waiters are wearing traditional Uzbek robes. The walls of restaurant are covered with a collection of exotic carpets from various central Asian countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and the prisons of Pakistan. The carpet collection, along with other various collectables, is for sale and could be ordered through Khiva.

The rear lawn is a convenient little space that housed an ample number of diners. Popular with foreigners, the tables were flanked with small flags of different countries.

The true central Asian flavor is a won ton soup with veggies and floating minced meat dumplings. Another soup, the Suik Osh, is with pasta, veggies and meat chunks. Another favorite dish is Mayizli Palov, browned rice with raisins and a choice of meat shank with yogurt and tomato paste with brinjal. You can also enjoy Sheesha there.

If you ever get the chance to visit Khiva, make sure you choose the rear lawn for your dinner or lunch. An artificial pond with lotus is definitely going to leave a mark on your hearts and on your mind.In all Khiva is a very good addition to Islamabad’s top class dining places and definitely warrants a visit by the family.

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