Lash Lift Express Mascara By Karaja

The formula of lash lift express mascara consists of highly selected ingredients, waxes and polymers associated with visual effect volumizing and curling to active-rich peptides and oligosaccharides that help protect the lashes . The visual result is immediate and startling: the eye is enhanced by a new depth, density of color and thick eyelashes, bulky and thick. It contains Vitamin E from the antioxidant.


lash lift mascara

Europe’s best revolutionary lash lift express┬ámascara recently launched in Pakistan designed to thicken the lashes and give them a natural curl, it gives you an intense, refreshingly deep look all day, the formula has carefully chosen ingredients and the special flexible fibre applicator guarantee application of the right amount of mascara, perfect coating and thickening of your lashes without ever creating lump and instant unexpected results: thicker, shinier,longer, and finely shaped lashes to enhance the depth of your gaze and color of your eyes.

Lash lift express mascara seals and gently curls each lash from root to tip and restructuring protein, and vitamin E complex enhances the beauty of your lashes each day for thicker, stronger lashes.

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