Look Hot In Coming Summer


Summer is coming now, its time to show off slim figures, flat tummies and wear open sandals. I am going to give some tips in this post to keep you in shape for coming summers.

You need to review your daily routine. Its time to show something and hiding back many things. Its whole of your personality which makes you beautiful, its your inner and outer both. If you want to look good then you have to feel good about your physical and emotional sides. Following are some tips to look hot when it will be hot:

Shaping the legs

Summer time is great because it helps to three-quarter pants and skirts, but your legs should not be looking like pillar holding the building. Believe me nothing makes you look and feel better than a regular exercise routine. You can go for swimming ,outdoor games. biking and hiking. Even a 30 minutes brisk walk in morning can do wonders. Make a goal to shed off those extra 3-4 kg and keep yourself disciplined.

Cool shades

Take a new look at your dresses. Some cosmetics cant stand the heat. Go for new cooling eye make-up, cool eyes liquid liner that keeps your lids icy. Stay away from heavy foundation and instead choose light powder and concealer. Go for water proof make-up as sweat tends to make the kohl and foundation smeary.

Hair cut

Have a cool designer hair cuts. Best time to make your next hair appointment is when you are visiting the saloon.

Come out of the closets

Take a hard look at your closets. Throw away the cloths which you have not worn for last 18 months. Making decision about your wardrobe will make room for better possibilities and current styles. Do the same with your beauty drawer.

Change your diet

Rethink your diet to maximize your level of energy. Experiment by eliminating certain foods until you have optimum level.

Drink lots of water

Finally drinks a lot of water. It keeps you fresh for whole day and it will clean you from inner and outer. It will show on your face.

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