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Lose the Weight While You Sleep



Lose weight while you sleep. Imagine, shedding pounds simply by spending more time in bed. Sounds like something out of a late night infomercial. But two studies shows a striking connection between amount of sleep and levels of appetite regulating hormones in the body. The findings suggest that chronic sleep deprivation could be making you fat. Previous research had shown an association between shorter sleep time and higher body mass index, but no one knew why. They found that those people who slumbered (on average) 5 hours compared to 8 hours each night had higher body mass index.While there is a lot of attention on diet and exercise (for weight loss), these two studies underscore the importance of adequate sleep which unfortunately, people don’t think of as an important activity.

So guys sleep more if you want to burn your fats off. Sweet dreams:)))


  • Jonatan Sm January 10, 2012, 2:07 am

    That info is good not for the weight only. For sedation dentistry it is useful too.

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