Make Up Forecast By Sara Of Sana Sara’s Salon

One thing you should need to do each season is to clean, refresh and update your makeup bag to the newest trends. Of course, you don’t need to trough everything away, just make sure you use them well and apply them in fashionable way. Fall will bring darker colors, new makeup collections and plenty of drama and edginess but the most important thing is to know how exactly what is the best for you.


Bridal Make Up Forecast

Bridal makeup for the upcoming season should be subtle that enhances the bride’s best features and makes her look naturally radiant and beautiful on her big day. The base will be light and matte with shimmer applied on the cheeks to give her a radiant glow. Dark colors are in for the occasion of Barat so subtle eye makeup and dark lip color will give an amazing look with a dark outfit. And if a bride is wearing a dress in pastel shades then Smokey eyes will give a stunning look to the bride with light and glossy lip color.


Regular Make Up Trend

As far as your eye makeup is concerned, thick eyebrows with harsh liquid eyeliner is total no-no for this year. Rather it will be more about defining and giving a soft Smokey touch to your eyes in pastel shades that complement with your skin tone. Makeup should be done in such a way that your skin looks like that it has been barely touched emphasizing mainly on your eyes. For blush, make use of colors like soft peaches, pastel plum and roses. Keep the texture sheer and lightweight to ensue that the glow is coming from within. The whole makeup should look like natural and fresh with dominance the eyes. In spring, make a good combo of matte foundation with Smokey eyes. Lip colors that will dominate this year will be red, copper brown and auburn. Go for bold shades to make some cool style statement with your looks in this new year.

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