Make-Up Tips For Working Women


Less Is More

When entering the corporate environment, it can be a little on the conservative side. It doesn’t mean you have to wear conservative makeup but you should definitely take it down a notch. Stay away from looks and colors that are too trendy and go with more of a classic makeup style.

Pick A Feature And Make It Pop

Again, instead of playing up eyes, cheeks and lips, pick your best feature and make it pop. The eyes are always one of the favorite features to concentrate on. Stay with colors that are on the neutral side for more of a classic look and then add a sheer fun color on the lid to add some current. And remember the corporate look is all about looking polished so don’t forget to groom those brows…

Keep Your Lips Fresh

Since you want to put your best face forward while climbing the corporate ladder, make sure to keep your lips in tip top condition. There is nothing more distracting than dry, chapped lips with a dark colored lipstick on them. Put a lip conditioner on your lips every night before bed to keep them soft and smooth. If you have a lot of chapping on the lips, take an old toothbrush with a little dab of moisturizer and gently brush your lips. Apply a lip treatment afterwards. Before applying lipstick, use a nude lip liner to line and fill in the entire lip to grab and prime your lipstick.

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