Make-Up Tips For Youthful Look

Women are always trying to find a way to look younger and have that youthful glow. But not everyone is ready to go under the knife or run to their nearest plastic surgeon for a Botox injection. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve this:


Hydrate, Hydrate  And Hydrate

One of the most important things to do is keep your skin hydrated. This will help the makeup blend evenly into the skin. Use a good moisturizer that includes at least SPF 15. For extra benefits, use a moisturizer with alpha/ beta hydroxy acids or a vitamin C. Use a good eye cream to eliminate dehydration lines around the eyes.

Makeup Tip: Mix your concealer with eye cream to give it more slip and soften any lines around the eye area. Don’t forget to drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday. Cut back on caffeine and smoking, all of which will dehydrate your skin.

Less Is More

Too much makeup adds years to your face instantly. Instead of using heavy foundations and powders for coverage, try using light reflecting shimmery products that can brighten the skin. Stay away from heavy powders. They tend to add texture and accentuate lines and dryness, which will age you. Instead set your makeup with a finely milled loose powder that is translucent. It is all about looking dewy and fresh.

Don’t Forget The Frame

One of the quickest way to give yourself an instant facelift is through your eyebrows. Create an arch and fill in brows with a soft powder or powder brow pencil.Do not use eyeliner. It will give you a hard look.

The Rules Of Make-up

Stay away from liquid eye liners. Instead try a pencil that can be blended for a softer look. Try navy blue eyeliner instead of black or brown to brighten up the whites of your eyes. Stay away from anything frosty or too metallic simply as it will accentuate every little line and imperfection on the face. As we get older we tend to get lines around the lips, which cause the lipsticks to bleed. use a lip liner to seal lipstick as well as shape the lips. Stay away from high gloss lipsticks, as they tend to bleed. Instead go with a dewy moisturizing lipstick. Seal lips with foundation and brush to pop lip out and seal lipstick from bleeding.

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