Music For Body Aches


Looking for an excuse to invest in an ipod? New research shows that music can help ease neck and back pain. The research found that those listening to music reported a pain drop between 12 and 21%. In related studies, music even helped reduce pain after surgery, lessened labour pain, and aided in burn treatment.The studies found that while medication was the best and number 1 form of pain reduction, music came in as a solid second. One physician commented on the findings by adding that music reduces intensity of pain as well as the amount of medicine needed in acute post op pain situations.

Music has also been used successfully to boost immune function, treat insomnia and high blood pressure, and enhance quality of life for people with cancer. If you try it, for the best effect, use head-phones to help block out noises. Music is cheap and easily available, so i think that its worth a try.

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