Nutritional Benefits Of Mangoes

One medium mango is a mighty impressive, self contained package of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that only packs 135 calories. Like most fruits, the mango is low in protein, about 1 gm for a medium size, but you can certainly benefit from its 3.7 gm of fiber. Being of the plant kingdom, mangoes contain no cholesterol or saturated fat and contain only about 6 gm of total fat.mangoes_from_pakistan

Their sodium content ranks low at 4 mg. Mango is a shining star in the beta carotene realm, summing up at 8061 IU for that same medium size. If you are looking for a boost in potassium, look no further than a medium mango with its 322.92 mg. Its the perfect fruit to replenish energy after heave exercise like jogging or work out. Magnesium content is 18.63 mg.

Mango scores 57.3 mg of vitamin C and offers impressive numbers of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. There’s even a touch of zinc in our featured fruit, with calcium at 20.7mg and iron at.27mg. These figures will vary with the different varieties and different sizes, there is little doubt that the mango is an exceptional fruit, not only for its high ranking nutrients, but also for its intense, zesty and delightful flavor that just may taste like paradise itself.

Health Benefits Of Mangoes

In Pakistan and India, mangoes are used as blood builders since years. Because of their high iron content, they are suggested for treatment of anemia and are beneficial to women during pregnancy and menstruation. People who suffer from muscle cramps, stress and heart problems can benefit from the high potassium and magnesium content that also helps those with acidosis.

One lab test turned up rather startling results that raised mangoes to highest perch. Mango juice was poured into a test tube that contained viruses. Shortly, the viruses were destroyed.

So in this summer keep eating mangoes and enjoy all these health benefits.

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