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Olive Leaf: Natural Healer


Some people have told me that Olive Leaf Tea took down their dental infections in a matter of hours! Impressive isn’t it?

Since the beginning of time there has been only one remedial treatment that has worked by itself to win the fight against viruses, flu, fungi, parasites and bacterial infections. It’s been used as a cure-all for thousands of years – a phenolic compound known as Oleuropein, the source of powerful disease resistant properties. But only in the last year has it been recognized by agriculturists, herbalists and holistic doctors as a totally effective and completely safe all-natural healer."and…“Based on my research.   I am convinced that Olive Leaf (and extracts) is destined to become the most useful, wide spectrum herbal ingredient of the 21 st century.”  

Olive on the branch

Olive Leaf Tea  sure has power; particularly against viruses that are more tenacious! It fills a hole that we haven’t been able to fill before. It gives us a new, effective tool.

The amount of antioxidants from olive leaf and other sources you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.

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