Perfect Skin With The Help Of Perfect Base:Make-up Tips

Ask any women what is her beauty wish list and she will say :perfect skin”. After all a glowing and flawless complexion looks amazing on everyone regardless of the age. But if you are not blessed with a peachy complexion, don’t worry, radiant skin does not all goes down to genes. The new bases, foundations and skin perfecting products are all you need for a complexion that glows along with handful of effective tips and tricks.


A Great Base

A make-up base might seem like just another product to buy, but the right one really can make a difference to the way your skin looks. Apply a little on top of your usual moisturizer to even out any flaws and leave your skin with a silky surface, this will make foundation go on more smoothly, so you will need less. Go for a base that best suits your needs, if you want to brighten the dull skin, choose one containing light reflecting pigments. Oil free bases will take the shine out of your skin and color correcting bases can take out the red or just even out your natural skin tone.

Tips For Applying Base

  • If you are in doubt about using a base before foundation, try mixing them together. An enhancing base will really refresh the look of your complexion. It also lights up the skin and gives the face an aura of brightness.
  • Bases are particularly good for older skins. Use pink shade to give skin a fresh finish and a pearly white shade for skin with high color. It will help to diminish flaws and will even take the edge off your worst wrinkles.
  • If you are in a huge hurry in the morning and cant be bothered to apply base all over your face, apply a little just to your cheekbones. It will still give your skin that extra little something without adding too much time to your morning routine.

A Right Foundation

To get the right foundation, visit the counter of your favorite cosmetics brand and test colors on your skin.Matching a shade on bottle to your skin won’t be nearly as accurate. Choose one or two shades that you think are closest and apply along the jaw line, then check the shade in daylight to make sure that it is right for you.

Tips For Applying Foundation

  • The thick foundation on the inside of the bottle cap is brilliant to use as an emergency concealer. Apply a little with a brush to cover trouble spots.
  • Since foundation is such a key item in your make-up bag, it makes sense not to scrimp on it. The foundations sold in the more luxurious make-up lines tend to be lighter and therefore more natural looking, and foundation with a yellow tone looks good on anyone, no matter what your coloring.
  • If you are still not sure about which foundation to go for, visit a make-up counter where an expert will do all the hard work for you.

A Right Concealer

The right concealer can perfect your look, so don’t just grab the first one you find. Spend time testing a few of your favorites on your skin and look for a color that matches your skin tone exactly, rather than a lighter version, which will only highlight the flaws.

Tips For Applying Concealer

  • If you have your current concealer for longer than you remember, it might be time to invest in a new one. Remember that tubed concealer dries out quickly and you won’t get nearly as good a finish if the product id not as creamy as it should be.
  • Before applying concealer under your eyes, make sure you prep your skin with eye cream. It creates the perfect canvas for a look that really lasts.
  • If you are covering blemishes and dark shadows with the same concealer, make sure you use different brushes to avoid spreading germs.

Face Powder

This season you won’t be able to ignore all the dusky pink powders in the shops. They are ideal for giving a fresh healthy finish imitating that youthful skin everyone looks for.

Tips For Applying Face Powder

  • A shimmering pink powder makes your face look fresh and smooth. For the best application, apply with a powder puff. Use a brush to dust off any excess.
  • Pink is great on skin that tends to be a little sallow or dull. Apply it anywhere you want to attract the light, avoiding your nose and upper lip areas.
  • Light-reflecting powders can make a tiny blemish look huge, so avoid using on these areas.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Skin With The Help Of Perfect Base:Make-up Tips”

  1. my skinis dry n m 29,buti already have tiny wrinles around my eyes,n laughing creases around mouth,wen i apply foundation,after some time it sinks in the lines giving a bit funny appearence,though i moisturize bef foundation..i use rimmel recover or etude s.i dunno which one to use so that it luks natural,hides my blemishes n also blends well.are translucent liquid foundations good?n wat r lite reflecting foundations?ppl say stick foundation have longer coverage?/

    1. Wrinkles appears easily on dry skin, so you should take care of your skin otherwise your skin will age fast. First tip is to drink lots and lots of water. It will give you inner moisture and your skin will be fresh and young. Forget abt the rule of 8 glasses of water in a day. Drink more than that. Light reflecting foundation gives your skin more glow and it is good for dry skin and it lasts longer and looks natural. Give it a try.

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