Pinky Look: Add Pink To Your Life

It is a fun and easy way to add pink to our everyday neutral browns, nudes and gray eye shadows and it instantly adds a soft feminine look to the makeup.

Are you nervous to add color to your daily earth tone makeup routine? You cant go wrong if you stay with sheer textures. It is a great way to add a pop of color to your everyday routine and you don’t have to be as precise with the application. Almost all skin tones can incorporate pink into their makeup look. Whether it is in lip color, eye colors or blush. It is a fun way to warm up any skin tone.

pinky look

Pink Blush On

Quickest way to warm up one’s skin tone is to use a soft pink blush on the cheeks. So smile and apply the blush with a round blush brush to the apples of the cheeks. Remember, the softer the brush hair, the softer the application will be.

Pink Eye Shade

Pink on eyes is a great way to wake up tired eyes. But be careful not to use color too close to the rim of the eye or near the bottom of eye lid. Otherwise it will look like your eyes are irritated and your having an allergy attack. One other great way to brighten the eye is to start with a sheer soft pink cream shadow. Apply it from the lid to brow. Use a mascara to give the great frame to eyes.

Pink Gloss

With so many pinks out there, finding a pink gloss is a quick way to soften and change any of your existing lip color. Also find a pink lacquer to give the lip a pouty look.

Take a clear gloss and add a little dab of pink eye shadow or cheek color to create your own custom lip gloss.

Pink Nail Polish

To continue the look of pink, there are so many great nail polishes out there. Whether you go bright or sheer, pink always gives a soft finished look to the nails.

So no matter what your skin tone, think pink. It’s the easiest way to get that pretty feminine, flawless look.

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