Prebiotics: Fuels that help good bacteria

Most of us have heard of probiotics-the good bacteria” that lives in our gut and keep everything in balance. But have you heard of prebiotics? These are the fuels that help beneficial bacteria to proliferate.


Micro organisms such as Bifid bacteria and Lactobacilli play a crucial part in our digestion by living in our gut and fermenting the food we eat.Researchers are now realizing that we can improve the bacteria’s effectiveness by feeding them much like an athlete chooses specific foods to improve performance.

Prebiotics are found naturally in many foods, including whole grains, onions, bananas, garlic, honey, leeks, artichokes and beans. They are also available in tablet form as a dietary supplement.

To get the most benefit, nutrition scientist Anna Denny from the British Nutrition Foundation suggests eating the above sources of prebiotics either before or with probiotics, such as live yogurt with honey and a banana.

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