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Red Apple (the best place for rolls in Karachi)



Red apple is one of the oldest roll spots in defence Karachi, serving a wide variety of roll kebabs. Well known in khadda market, they serve plain chicken rolls, reshmi kebab rolls, chicken cheese rolls, chicken garlic rolls, chicken juicy rolls, chicken chatpatta rolls and chicken malai boti rolls. The same variety is available in beef as well. Plus those who are not keen on the idea of oily food can skip the paratha altogether and order their choice of meat wrapped in chappati.

My favorite is chicken roll with cheese, its so yummy that i cant resist it. Everyone can afford it easily, its not expensive at all. The place offers a variety of other dishes too, but it is best known for its delicious roll kebabs.


  • Dlicious April 4, 2010, 7:07 am

    Any Red Apple roll recipes??

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