Rimmel Magnif’ Eye Mascara


70% vertical lash lift! You will believe it when you see the amazing Magnif’ eyes Eye Magnifier TM applicator, and exclusive, next generation design that combines the advantages of a brush and a comb. First, its made of plastic for optimum firmness and flexibility. Second, it has a mix of bristles, some thin and short for volume and others thick and long for separation- ensuring controlled, no clumps application. Third, the bristles are arranged at an angle, rather than perfectly perpendicular to the brush, so as they sweep through your lashes they lift them dramatically up and out, giving you a totally up-to-the-minute take on that super sexy swinging sixties wide eyed look.

60% more length! Combined with the Magnif, eyes Eye Magnifier Tm applicator is a unique lash-sculpting formula which, while the brush lifts and separates, boosts volume and length to the limits. And thanks to an innovative patented wax-polymer fusion system, which optimizes the adhesion of the formula to the lashes, the result is not only instant but long lasting too. Forget limp lashes that let your look down- with Magnif’ eyes, what you get is ultimate lash extension and pure wide-eyed wow factor all the way.

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