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Sauced Fruit Trifle (by chef Rahat): Recipe



Ingredients Of sauced Trifle

  • 2 packet red jelly
  • 2 cups fruit cocktail
  • Fresh whipped cream as required
  • 2 Fresh bananas, cut in circles
  • 1 Sponge cake
  • Cherries for garnishing

Method Of sauced Fruit Trifle

  • Cut the cake into slices and arrange them in serving dish.
  • Now put cocktail fruit and bananas over the cake.
  • Heat the water and pour jelly packets in in, when jelly is dissolved then pour it over fruits and cake.
  • Now refrigerate it till it is set and firm.Take it out from the dish. Garnish it with whipped cream, cake chunks and cherries( optional).
  • Serve chilled.


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