Tips to be happy

Happiness doesn’t come with money. There are many rich people who don’t feel happy in their life. Happiness comes with simple things in life. Don’t do things to please others. Life is really very short so do what you like. Following are the simple 7 tips to be happy.
·.tips to be happy

Never hate

Don’t hate any one. Live and let others live too. I never understand how people take time out of their lives to hate others. Life is too short so spread love and happiness all around you.

· Don’t worry

Don’t take stress off things which you cant change or control. Every little thing will be fine one day. don’t think too much about your future and past. Try to live in present and enjoy things which you have in a moment. 95% of things you worry about don’t even happen.

· Live simple

I read a famous saying somewhere be as simple as you can be, you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become. After all life is really simple, we over selves create circumstances that complicate it.

· Expect a little

Never expect anything from others instead try to give as much as you can with open heart. Never expect anything in return from anyone. We get disappointed if we expect too much from others.

· Give a lot

Sometimes you have to give a lot and whenever you do that do it from your heart. Give and never expect anything in return and by doing that you will feel happy in core of your heart.

· Always smile

Last but not least always smile. Keep smiling and one day life will get  tired of upsetting you.

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