Shan-e- Muglia (Chef Zakir’s Restaurant)

Chef Zakir’s owns another restaurant beside Clifton grill and its called Shan-e-Muglia. This restaurant offers an amazing buffet and has been considered as the biggest buffet in Asia. Shan-e-Mughlia is located just adjacent to the Millennium Mall at the end of the National Stadium Road on the same location where the old Drive-in cinema used to be. One can enjoy the buffet in a splendid environment in a beautiful garden-like spacious field demarcated by gravel paths for separate sitting arrangements. One can enjoy his food on the famous “Takht-e-Mughlia” or on conventional round-table sitting arrangement.


The dishes which are served there comprised of at least 80 menus which mostly includes like Pakistani, Continental, Italian and even Indian dishes as well. Mostly at Iftar time, the place gets too crowded. Dishes which are served for Iftari are Rolls, Samosa, Dai Baray and much more. They usually change their menu every week so that the customers would not get fed up of having the same dishes each and every week. So do bring your friends and family along and enjoy their delicious dishes which are served at this very buffet restaurant called Shan-e-Muglia.


The restaurant also hosts different parties, functions and marriage ceremonies for small gatherings; because of the comparatively convenient costs as arranging a marriage ceremony with separate food services costs the same as booking a lawn in Shan-e-Mughlia with buffet dinner. As a plus point, it also adds to the status of the people because not many people can afford a dinner at this place

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