Spring Glam: Fashion Guide

While fashion and trends come and go, style remains eternal. Follow this spring fashion guide for stylish look.


Bags And Bags

Here is your guide to chic bags this season:

  • Follow the block-colored trend, match hand bag and outfit.
  • Croc is spring’s favorite luxury finish.
  • Super-size gives classic styles a more quirky appeal.
  • A large clutch gives day-wear a super hit twist.
  • Trinkets, jewels and mixed fabric finishes have custom made appeal.


Color Mania

Picking their way through gorgeous spectrum, designers are seduced by the power of purple, from soft lavender to dusky heliotrope and deep violet.


Daisy Scent

Marc Jacobs daisy scent is definitely one not to miss. Promising to capture the offhand charm of the Marc by Marc Jacob line, as well as the sophistication and elegance of the Marc Jacobs collection, It’s a fresh new addiction from the man we love to love.


The Clutch Appeal

Hand-held handbags are the way to go for a truly chic look and it is a trend that is built to last as summer approaches. Designers want you to accessorize their evening wear with a perfect little clutch and these prove, once and for all, that bigger is not always better. These are the perfect addition to take any outfit to the height of fashion chic.


Orange Madness

Put some juice into your beauty regime with splashes of orange make-up from tangerine eyes to apricot cheeks and coral lips. Orange shades and tones put sunshine in your life, filling it with warmth and vitality.


Gleam Team

There is a shimmering elegance to metallic now. Molten folds, sheeny colors and artful detailing add a touch of classic grace. The effect is beautifully modern. Anthracite and bronze are fresh alternatives to classic silver and gold. Go for sleek, pulled-back hair and soft smoky eyes.

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