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Sweet Porridge Recipe


This is guest post and this recipe is made by Ghayoor the Genie. this sweet porridge is full of energy. You can eat this on breakfast as well as dessert. It is very healthy and nutritious.


Ingredients Of Sweet Porridge

milk 1 liter
cream 75ml
corn flakes 1.5 cup (crushed)
quaker (white oats) 8tbsp
sugar 8tbs
Butter (optional)
Honey 4 to 6 tbsp
Green Cardamom few
Water melon seeds 25/50 gram
Nuts as your desired

Sweet porridge

Method Of Sweet Porridge

Boil milk with few seeds of cardamom. Add crushd corn flakes and white oats.Cook untill it gets thick.

Add butter and cream, mix well, then add sugar unil its desolve, add honey and cook for further 5 minutes on low flame. Add half of nuts and water melon seeds during cooking.

Garnish with remaining. Its ready to be served, Enjoy!



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