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Sardaee is a traditional drink of Punjab which has cool effect on your body. In this summer you can beat the heat with the cool glass of sardaee or thandai. Plan a day earlier as you need to dip separately poppy seeds and almonds in water overnight. Ingredients Of Sardaee 20 pieces almonds, soaked overnight [...]

This toffee chocolate dessert is kids all time favorite because of the chocolate and caramel toffee taste in it. Do give it a try and I bet that your kids will love it and elders too. According to my daughter it is so yummy in a tummy:))) Ingredients Of Toffee Chocolate 300 gm cooking chocolate [...]

Nuts are very healthy and it should be part of our daily diet, especially in winters. You can make spicy nuts with this recipe. These nuts are highly addictive. Ingredients Of Spicy Nuts 2 tbs olive oil 1/2 ts ground cumin 1/2 ts ground coriander 1/4 ts  chili powder 1/2 ts garlic powder 1/4 ts ground [...]