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Under eyes dark circles!!!! This must alarm every girl and considering the boys are now becoming looks, conscious, it might attract their attention too. It is classic quote that eyes are the most important feature for a woman’s gorgeousness as it depicts not only the outer beauty but also the inner spirit. Sadly the charming [...]

  Crème Satin is a unique creation of Karaja. It is a soft, velvety and smooth product that is unique to the Karaja range. Crème Satin brings you the best for both your lips and cheeks. The satiny cream blends perfectly into the skin for a lasting and natural healthy looking complexion. It nourishes and [...]

Framesi hair products introduced the Italian hair rebounding kits Silis 1 and Silis 2. Framesi hair rebounding is a completely safe process of hair straightening which brings an extraordinary silky, smooth look to your locks. Dry fizzy hair gets a complete make-over with it, which produces soft, silky and shiny hair.Framesi recommends use with ceramic-coated [...]