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Mac Dazzle lash Mascara Eyes wide shut intrigue. Curves go voluptuous as lashes get set to dazzle. MAC’s new lash formula offers extreme density and entrancing new lengths. The extra innovation, a unique innerspring brush that singles out each and every lash like never before. Maybelline Mineral Powder Maybelline’s new mineral powder gives  an extra [...]

The Maria Garcia range of skincare products, manufactured in South Africa, combines the latest skincare research with natural wholesome ingredients. The range includes a gentle face wash for all skin types, a mild deep cleansing and PH balancing formula with natural plant extracts that removes make-up and leaves the skin fresh and supple. The deep-cleansing [...]

  Rimmel took out its illumination Anti_Fatigue Foundation, which covers off the dullness with a whole new smoother glowing light. An exclusive brightening complex re-lights lackluster skin, awakening radiance from within to give it back to its glow. A unique combination of spherical powders helps give in a softer effect with a blend of white [...]