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The Isabelle Lancray Paris skin whitening range has been designed by Dr. Rimpler especially for Asian skin. It acts not merely as a whitening cream but its SPF 15 also provides protection from harmful UV sunrays. With Isabelle Lancray, you get a personalized service and their full range of products comprising of a cleanser, toner, [...]

Eating lots of tomatoes and red paprika in a normal diet can reduce wrinkles, a German magazine The Dermatologist said in its issue. Our body cannot produce enough antioxidants on its own and has to make up for them with vitamins. Vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, paprika and kale contain plenty of antioxidants, so does [...]

Imedeen is quiet simply, skincare in a tablet. Based on a unique, nutritious Bio-Marine Complex, Imeeden helps improve the basic quality of your skin as well as its structure and its ability to retain moisture. This produc focuses on improving your skin from within, rather than from the outside. Imedeen tablets also contain vitamin C [...]

The formula of lash lift express mascara consists of highly selected ingredients, waxes and polymers associated with visual effect volumizing and curling to active-rich peptides and oligosaccharides that help protect the lashes . The visual result is immediate and startling: the eye is enhanced by a new depth, density of color and thick eyelashes, bulky and [...]

Every girl wants to be beautiful and here I am helping you to live your dream. The secret to make you beautiful inside outside is given below. You can reshape your body and your whole personality and be a carved person with an amazing grace without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are few [...]

For glowing skin: · Take a 1tb.s honey and add few drops of lemon in it, mix this mixture and apply It over your face, after 10 minutes wash it with water and you will feel the instant glow on your face. You can use this tip just before going to any party or any [...]