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boiled chicken

Chicken bread is easily available in bakeries but there is no substitute for freshly home baked chicken bread.Its aroma just filled your house and you will never want to eat the one which is available in markets. So spoil your taste buds with this perfect recipe of bread. Ingredients Of Chicken Bread For Dough 4 [...]

Yesterday i made this on iftari and they were great. It is different from traditional pakoras in taste and in look too. My camera is not the professional one but still i hope that you will like the photos. First picture was taken before cutting the pakora and the second one was taken after cutting [...]

Dim sim is a Chinese snack.it contains chicken mince and vegetable of your choice and is folded to resemble more of a parcel shape.They are usually deep-fried or steamed, but can be barbecued.   Ingredients Of Fried Chicken Dim Sim 1 spring onion’s green stripes Few roll sheets(manda patti) 1 cup boiled chicken, shredded 2 [...]