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boneless handi

boneless chicken achari handi

Achari chicken is one of my favorite food to eat with tandoori roti. You can also make fresh tandoori Tawa naan at home with the following no-fail recipe.Try this easy and quick recipe of boneless chicken achari handi. Here is a homemade naan recipe https://www.neelscorner.com/homemade-tawa-naan-recipe/ Ingredients Of Boneless Chicken Achari Handi Achari Spices Fenugreek seeds 1/2 [...]

If you don’t have a big size tawa then you can also make this dish in frying pan. It will not change the taste. Try this super yummy and different tawa chicken recipe by shireen anwae. Ingredients Of Tawa Chicken 1/2 kg boneless chicken 1/4 cup water 5 grinded green chilies 1 tbsp. garlic and [...]

If I going to start writing the qualities of ginger then this post will not be enough for that but the main qualities are that ginger is best for flu and cold. It is good for the respiratory system, heart attacks, strokes, headaches, and pains. Make sure to add ginger in your daily diet.You can [...]

Here is the recipe of easy kabab handi. You can also make kababs and freeze them. No worries if guests are coming on short notice. Just take these kababs out of freezer and make this handi in no time Ingredients Of Handi Kabab 1 kg mince beef/mutton 1tbp crushed red chili Salt to taste 2 [...]