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Here is my own version of Thai Chicken. Hope you all will like it and try this yummy treat in your kitchens. Ingredients Of Thai Chicken 250 gm. boneless chicken 1 green chili chopped 1 tsp. garlic 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. red chili powder 1 tsp. sugar 1 tsp. crushed red chili flakes 1 [...]

HP sauce is a popular brown sauce by HP foods. It usually is used as an adjunct to hot or cold savoury food, or as an ingredient in soups and stews. HP Sauce is the best known brand of brown sauce in Britain. There are no artificial preservatives in this home-made recipe so it should [...]

Chicken Szechuan is a famous dish from Chinese cuisine. It is usually served with boiled rice or boiled noodles. I love the taste of crunchy vegetables and sizzling sauce in it. Ingredients Of Chicken Szechuan Chicken boneless – 200 gm (cut into thin strips) Oil – as required Garlic – 4 cloves (chopped) Whole dry red chilies [...]

Soups are starters but i think that soups are a complete meal. It contains all ingredients like vegetables and chicken. The thing which i like most about soups are that you can have them at any time and in any season. I love soups and one of my favorite is hot and sour soup. Ingredients [...]

This rice is without chicken but if you want to make chicken fried rice then the recipe is same, just add fried chicken stripes in it. Ingredients Of Chinese Fried Rice 2 cups rice, washed and soaked for half an hour 1 capsicum, cut in stripes 1 carrot, cut in stripes 2 green onion, chopped, [...]

Thai Fish gravy is particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids that help protect against many diseases such as cancer, arthritis, high strokes and heart disease.Regular consumption of fish can reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders.children who eat fish may be less likely to develop asthma and many other diseases. So try to include fish [...]

These chicken roll in pita bread are really very tasty and easy to make. You can serve them in a dinner and also as a snack in evening. Serve them with any dip or green chutney. Ingredients Of Chicken Roll 2 pita bread 250 gm chicken, thinly sliced 1 medium piece ginger, chopped 3 cloves [...]

Ingredients 150gm noodles, boiled 3 eggs 1/2tsp oregano 1/2tsp basil Pinch thyme 1 tsp coriander Salt and pepper to taste 2 green chilies,chopped i tsp garlic chopped 1 tsp ginger chopped 3 tsp carrot sliced 1/2 cucumber sliced 2 tsp mushroom sliced 2 tsp soya sauce 1/2 tsp ajinomoto 2 tbsp oil 1 capsicum, chopped [...]

I tried them and my kids said that these cutlets are out of this world. You can freeze them and can give them in lunch to your kids. If guests come you can fry them at that time with tea or can serve them with dinner.   Ingredients 1/2 kg mince 1 onion 3 green [...]

I saw this show of chef Zakir on Sunday evening and I tried this recipe for garlic chicken with vegetables last night, it was out of this world. We are not going to use any corn flour or water in this. It contains all the original flavors’ of vegetables and chicken. You all must try [...]