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causes and treatment

Heavy bleeding during periods is one of the commonest gynecological problems facing women of reproductive years all over the world regardless of race or social class. For this reason, it is one of the commonest reasons women seek help from a doctor or gynecologist. Causes Of Heavy Periods There are many causes for this problem. [...]

                                                                        by: Dr Farida Habib To many people, living life to the fullest, simply means over eating, and over weight people don’t like to hear the four letter word DIET. However nowadays, we hear and read a lot about obesity. The very mention of this seven letter word creates and recreates in our minds, the [...]

By: Dr Kashif Ahmed I have seen pityriasis versicolor in my practice a lot of times and usually the patients are young boys and girls who perspire a lot or exercise in gymnasium. They accidentally find the spots on the back which can spread towards the neck and around up to the cheeks. The patients [...]

  Pigmentation is commonly known as dark spots. It is very common in women, it happens due to stress, environmental factors and also during pregnancy. Men also suffer from pigmentation or darkening of skin. Asian skin is especially susceptible to hyper- pigmentation. Cause People with a family history of pigmentation are more prone to the [...]