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apple and cherry cream

As we all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so try to add apples in your diet. They are good in any form cooked or uncooked. Just make sure you do not take too many apple seeds because it could be toxic if taken in large amounts. Here is a recipe [...]


Khoresh-e-Fesenjan is a  Persian dish and its very common in Iran. You can also make it with meatballs instead of chicken. Some people also add pomegranate in it or its sauce.n You can also make it with duck. It is part of the dinner table on Shabe Yalda when families come together to celebrate the [...]

This is very healthy recipe for Susan’s chicken for kids especially in winters. Kids will love it because its not too spicy. Do give it a try and let me know how it was. My kids liked it very much with boiled rice. Ingredients Of Susan’s Chicken 6-8 chicken pieces with skin 2 onions 2 inch ginger piece 8 [...]

Although the dish is generally believed to have originated in Italy, one theory is that the word “lasagna” comes from the Greek λάσανα (lasagna) or λάσανον (lasanon) meaning “trivet or stand for a pot”, “chamber pot. Whatever the meaning is, it is the dish you are unable to resist because of cheesy flavor and texture of [...]

Ingredients Of Chicken And Ricotta Sausage Rolls 1 packet puff pastry dough 6 chicken sausages 1 cup ricotta cheese 1/4 cup basil leaves 1/4 cup spring onions 6 green chilies Salt to taste Barbeque sauce as accompaniment Method Of Chicken And Ricotta Sausage Rolls Grate ricotta cheese. Slice basil leaves finely and chop green chilies. [...]