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chef zakir recipes

chicken chana masala

Here is the recipe of famous chef Zakir chicken chana masala cooked in balanced spices. Serve this dish hot with onion salad and tandoori roti or naan. You can serve this with homemade Tawa naan. Here is a recipe link of Tawa naan. https://www.neelscorner.com/homemade-tawa-naan-recipe/ Ingredients Of Chicken Chana Masala 1/2 kg chicken 2 cups white [...]

Some people think that chicken peanut korma is very difficult dish but in my view it is one of the quick chicken recipe. Try it and enjoy it. image courtesy: pikachakula Ingredients Of Chicken Peanut Korma 1kg chicken 200 gm. crushed peanuts 200 gm. tomatoes, chopped 250 gm. oil 250 gm. onions, finely sliced 200 gm. [...]

China grass is just a vegetarian gelatin obtained from seaweeds and it is used in making many desserts. It is also known as agar agar in Hindi. Following is the recipe of sweet known as china grass chocolate by our famous chef Zakir. image courtesy: Karachi foods Ingredients Of China Grass Chocolate 150 gm. cooking chocolate [...]

If some emergency guests arrive at your place then you can make this Mughlai karahi because its very quick and simple to cook. Ingredients Of Mughlai Karahi 1/2 kg chicken with bones 1 capsicum, cut into rings, remove seeds 1 onion, cut into rings 2 tomatoes, finely chopped 1/4 cup ghee 2 tbsp red chili flakes [...]

If I going to start writing the qualities of ginger then this post will not be enough for that but the main qualities are that ginger is best for flu and cold. It is good for the respiratory system, heart attacks, strokes, headaches, and pains. Make sure to add ginger in your daily diet.You can [...]

Here is the recipe of chicken shashlik by chef Zakir which is really very tasty and easy to cook. Ingredients Of Chicken Shashlik 300 gm chicken in cubes 2 capsicums cut in cubes 1 onion cut in cubes 2 tomatoes cut in cubes 1 tbsp corn flour 2 tbsp garlic paste 2 tbsp tomato ketchup [...]

Now winters are here and everyone needs hot and comfort food and this anday ka halwa is very tasty and nutritious for winters. On a cold day like today, nothing will be tastier than a bowl of this halwa. Ingredients 6 eggs 250 gm khoya 50 gm sugar 50 gm almonds chopped 50 gm pistachios [...]

Don’t know what to cook in dinner tonight then go for chicken steaks. You cant go wrong with these chicken steaks and if you don’t have steak pan then don’t worry. You can also make them in your regular pan. Ingredients Of Chicken Steaks 2 chicken breasts (prick it with the help of fork) 1 [...]

It’s very quick and tasty green masala fish recipe. Fish has lots of proteins which is very good for your health. Include fish in your daily diet. This image is taken from internet. Ingredients Of Green Masala Fish 300 gm fish boneless pieces 4 cloves chopped garlic 1 egg 2tbs corn flour 2tbs flour 1 bunch [...]