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chicken noodles

This recipe is very much similar like the noodles you cook with chicken and vegetables the only difference is that in gravy noodles we make little gravy and the thickens it with corn flour. This recipe of gravy noodles are for those who don’t like dry noodles. Gravy noodles is really a comfort food with [...]

By: Humaira Jamal Chicken Chow Mein is the noodles cooked with any meat and vegetables. You can use egg noodles or just the simple one. I prefer egg noodles because of its taste and texture. This dish really looks beautiful with different colors of veggies in it. Ingredients Of Chicken Chow Mein For Marinade Chicken [...]

You can add vegetables like carrot,cabbage. capsicum and broccoli to the following chicken lo mein recipe. For me, chicken is a must for this dish and I mostly skip vegetables because of kids otherwise, I am in love with all veggies. image courtesy: pepper pantry Ingredients Of Chicken Lo Mein 250 grams egg noodles 250 [...]