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chicken recipes

easy chicken Manchurian

I love homemade Chinese food as it is much better than the restaurants. Try this easy chicken Manchurian recipe and enjoy it with egg fried rice or simple boiled rice. You can also serve it on top of boiled noodles. First, we will fry the chicken pieces and then put them in red gravy sauce. [...]

chicken bread

homemade chicken bread

In this recipe for honey wings, we will add some brown sugar with honey as honey is expensive for many people. So this recipe is budget friendly. You can take wings with skin or without skin for this recipe. It’s your choice. Ingredients Of Honey wings 1 kg wings with skin 2 Tbsp. sesame seeds [...]

You can serve chicken chili dry as a side dish or it can serve with fried rice, pasta or noodles. I love to eat this with fried rice. This dish is made my marinating chicken and then coat it in some sauces. Green chilies give the unique flavor to this dish. Ingredients Of Chicken Chili [...]

Grilled Chicken an be used in so many things. You can make pasta, salads, sandwiches by just adding chunks of grilled chicken in it. So always try to make extra and you can use it whole week for other dishes too. These fillets are best for people who are on diet and watching their calories [...]

By: Humaira Jamal General Tso chicken is very famous dish severed in American Chinese restaurants. its little sweet, sour and spicy in flavor. The dish is named after General Tso Tsung-tang. Ingredients Of General Tso’s Chicken Marinade 500 gm. boneless skinless chicken breast, bite size piece 2 egg whites 1 tbsp. soya sauce 1 tbsp. [...]

This dish has wonderful aroma because of the coal smoke. You can also make this recipe with chicken instead of mutton. Serve it with garlic naan or plain naan. Smoked yogurt mutton also known as dhuwan dahi gosht. Ingredients Of Smoked Yogurt Mutton 1 kg mutton or chicken 5-6 onions sliced 5 tomatoes, chopped 2 [...]

Enjoy this Ramadan with special iftari recipes by prominent chef Zubeida Tariq. Here is one of her best chicken steak recipe. image courtesy: cooking manners Ingredients Of Chicken Steak 4 pieces chicken breasts, hammer and flattened 1tbsp soya sauce 1tsp mustard powder 1tsp white pepper 1 tbsp. white vinegar Salt to taste 1 tsp. sugar [...]

This is Shireen Anwar’ s recipe and this is best like all other recipes. You can make the nehari masala according to given recipe and can store it in a jar. Use it whenever you need. You can make 6-8 times nehari with this masala. I garnished my chicken nehari with fried onions only because my [...]

Don’t know what to cook today? Want something simple, tasty and quick? Then this chicken sticks recipe is for you. Ingredients Of Chicken Sticks 500 gm. chicken breast or thigh pieces, cut into 1-inch squares 3tbsp chana dal, make fine powder 1/4 tsp. turmeric powder 1/2 tsp. black pepper Salt to taste 1 tsp. ginger [...]