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chinese recipes

I cooked boneless chicken mushroom sauce yesterday. You can also serve this mushroom sauce with chicken steaks. This gravy can be served with boiled or egg fried rice. This is my own recipe and its texture is very creamy and soft. Hope you all will love it. Ingredients OF Chicken In Mushroom Sauce 1/2 kg [...]

You can add vegetables like carrot,cabbage. capsicum and broccoli to the following chicken lo mein recipe. For me, chicken is a must for this dish and I mostly skip vegetables because of kids otherwise, I am in love with all veggies. image courtesy: pepper pantry Ingredients Of Chicken Lo Mein 250 grams egg noodles 250 [...]

For all those who love Chinese food like me and who are always ready to eat Chinese food. This is the easiest and tasty chili chicken recipe you ever have. Try it. You need some boneless chicken and fresh green chilies for this recipe. You can serve it with boiled rice or egg fried rice. [...]

You can eat this stir fry Chinese chicken with egg fried rice or simply with boiled rice. Ingredients Of Stir Fry Chinese Chicken 1/2 kg chicken 1 piece ginger 1 fried onion 1 capsicum 4 spring onion, chopped 4 fresh red chilies 4 cloves garlic 10 peas 100 gm. mushrooms 1 tbsp. sesame oil 1 [...]

Chicken Szechuan is a famous dish from Chinese cuisine. It is usually served with boiled rice or boiled noodles. I love the taste of crunchy vegetables and sizzling sauce in it. Ingredients Of Chicken Szechuan Chicken boneless – 200 gm (cut into thin strips) Oil – as required Garlic – 4 cloves (chopped) Whole dry red chilies [...]