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chocolate syrup

Its very simple and easy recipe. You can use this chocolate syrup as a topping of ice cream or any other desserts and you can also add it to your milk. Because you’ve made it yourself, you know it’s fresh; it has no preservatives or anything artificial in it. Ingredients Of Chocolate Syrup 1cup unsweetened [...]

Ingredients 1 cup chikoo, peeled and deseeded, and little for garnish 1 cup cold milk Ice as required 3 tsp caster sugar Almond essence and chocolate syrup as required Method Peel and deseed chikoo and chill. Pour cold milk,ice and caster sugar into the blender and blend on high speed till slightly slushy. Add chikoo [...]

What could be better in a summer then glass of iced coffee. Here is my favorite iced coffee recipe. Ingredients Of Cold Coffee Coffee 4 tsp Sugar 8tsp Warm water ¼ cups Milk 1ltr pack (chill it) Vanilla ice cream ½ liter pack Chocolate syrup Method Of Cold Coffee Beat coffee and sugar in some [...]