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coconut cream

This recipe is for all coconut cream lovers. You can serve this chilli coconut chicken gravy with boiled or egg fried rice. The creamy texture of this gravy makes it so tempting that you can’t resist it. image courtesy: renecarter.com Ingredients Of Chilli Coconut Chicken 2/3 cup chicken stock ½ cup creamed coconut 1 tbsp. [...]

I love summer season only because it brings  mangoes, the yummiest fruit on earth. Its right that mango is the king of all fruits. Now in this week chef Gulzar is celebrating mango week so i will try to give you all his recipes and i will also try them. Hope that all of you [...]

It’s a very refreshing drink and very simple too. It takes only 5 minutes to make it. Enjoy your drink recipe and the company of those you share it with.This beverage was created in 1957 by a San Juan bartender who sought to capture the unique flavors of Puerto Rico in an alcoholic beverage. Ingredients [...]