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dark circles

Under eyes dark circles!!!! This must alarm every girl and considering the boys are now becoming looks, conscious, it might attract their attention too. It is classic quote that eyes are the most important feature for a woman’s gorgeousness as it depicts not only the outer beauty but also the inner spirit. Sadly the charming [...]

For Bad Breath Any sweet tasting herbs can be used to freshen the breath, so choose the taste you like the best. For a ‘quick fix’ keep cardamom seeds handy. When required chew them for a while. You can also add cardamom seeds to herbal teas. Make a mixture of fresh mint, lemon juice, rosemary [...]

They say that your eyes should be the window to your soul…not your date of birth. Wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, they don’t stand a chance with these top tips. Dark Circles What Causes Them? Due to skin around your eyes being very thin, stagnant blood can gather under them because of lack of sleep, excessive alchol [...]

Here are some beauty notes for you. Try them and look naturally beautiful and stunning. Perfect Hair Alternate your shampoo…..if you have colored and fine hair, use a shampoo for colored hair one day. Then use one for fine hair the next day to get the best of both formulas. Wash your hair properly. Wrinkle [...]