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dr khurram

Everyone can use this weight loss green tea even heart patients and people with high blood pressure. This green tea has no side effects. This tea helps to reduce weight very quickly. Its also useful for digestion problems and for heartburn. Sugar patients should not add honey in their tea. Ingredients Of Weight Loss Green Tea [...]

This shampoo is the solution of all your problems like hair fall, dandruff, lice, dry hair, oily hair  and frizzy hair etc. Small babies can also use this shampoo. Its effective for all age of men, women and kids. All these things are easily available at stores. Texture of this home made shampoo is not thick [...]

Ubtan is a paste made from natural products to lighten the color of skin and it also helps to make your skin glowing and soft with no effort. The advantage of using this homemade ubtan mixture is that it has no side effect and it is totally free from any kind of chemicals. Boys, girls, [...]

Due to our eating habits and lifestyle diabetes is increasing at a very alarming rate in Pakistan. People of all age group suffer from this dreadful disease even the kids are not safe. It is genetic in some cases but stress and sweets are also the main cause of diabetes. Following are some natural remedies [...]

Premature grey hair is very common nowadays because of substandard and imbalanced diet. Its very common even in small kids. Coloring grey hair is very common but eventually, it destroys your hair because of chemicals present in them. Kala pathar used in the following tip is easily available from grocery stores. Following is treatment for  [...]

Blackheads form when the open pores of your skin fill up with sebum, which turns black when exposed to air. Make sure that you are cleansing your face properly. Get the dirt and oil off your face before you got to bed at night. Here is a homemade herbal paste for blackheads and whiteheads by [...]

This homemade fairness cream recipe is told by Dr. kurram on ARY Zauq Zindigi. Boys and girls both can use this cream. You have to apply this cream like a mask for 2 hours. One thing I want to make clear that I never used this cream but I got so many comments about this [...]

In winters hands and feet get dry and hard. Following tips will help to get smooth hands and feet. Mix the following ingredients and make a paste like a cream. Apply it on your hands and feet and leave it overnight. In the morning wash it off with lemon rind or juice. White soft paraffin [...]

Following is the method of making a cream for body fairness by Dr. Khurram as shown in morning show by him. 1 lemon grind with skin Alpha hydroxy acid cream 20% Rose water as required to make paste 2-3 vitamin E capsules (take the liquid out of them) 2 tbsp. Petroleum jelly Mix all these [...]

Diet For Double Chin To reduce your double chin you should avoid cold drinks, chocolates, fried snacks and junk food. Exercise For Double Chin Be regular in morning exercises. Do neck and chin exercise for double chin problem. Rotate your neck 8-10 times a day so as to make it flexible especially if you sit [...]