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I like different types of smoothies in summer and one of my favorites is a chocolate smoothie. It is easy to make and it will make your feel cool in this scorching heat. Ingredients Of Chocolate Smoothie 2 tbsp. cooking chocolate, crushed 200 gm. milk 2 tbsp. tapioca pearls (sagu daana) Sugar to taste Method  Take [...]

Sardaee is a traditional drink of Punjab which has cool effect on your body. In this summer you can beat the heat with the cool glass of sardaee or thandai. Plan a day earlier as you need to dip separately poppy seeds and almonds in water overnight. Ingredients Of Sardaee 20 pieces almonds, soaked overnight [...]

Ingredients 1/4 cup apple juice concentrate, frozen 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 cup ice Method In a blender, combine apple juice concentrate, lemon juice and crushed ice. Blend until slushy, then serve immediately.

Ingredients 1 tbsp sugar. colored with any food coloring 4 ice cubes 1/4 cup grape juice 1 cup carbonated water Method Pour the sugar into a dish, moisten the glass, turn up-side down, and place in dish to coat the sugar on the glass edge. Put ice cubes in glass and add the grape juice [...]

This drink is like pina colada but instead of pineapple we will use peaches and it will become peach colada. As peaches are now in season you can make this drink in iftar and it is much better than all fizzy drinks we use after whole day fast. Serve this in cocktail glasses and make [...]

Ingredients 250 gm chikoo 3 cups milk 6 tbsp sugar 4 tbsp beaten cream 1/4 cup crushed ice Method Blend chikoos, milk, sugar and 2 tbsp cream in a blender. When all things mixed well then add ice and blend again. Pour it in a glass and put whipped cream on top.

Mint is very good for our health, it is a good appetizer and it strengthens the stomach. It is very effective for digestive disorders. In summer its really good and refreshing. Ingredients Of Mint Drink 1/2 bunch mint 1 glass milk 1/2 cup cream 3 tbsp sugar Ice as needed Method Of Mint Drink Boil [...]

After a long day fast I love to have this watermelon juice in my iftar. Its so refreshing and healthy. Add black salt in it for best results. This juice is perfect for hot summer day and you just need a blender to make this simple juice. You can also skip honey with sugar in following [...]

You can make this apple smoothie in smoothie maker or simply in a blender, it doesn’t make much difference. Best smoothie recipe for kids. I took this recipe form smoothie recipes book. Apples are now in season and you can easily make this smoothie whenever you like. One glass of apple smoothie is full of [...]

It’s very refreshing to drink, especially for summers. You can use fresh pineapple or the one in tins. Try this pineapple dream and beat the summer heat. Ingredients Of Pineapple Dream 1 can pineapple juice 1 glass 7-up 1 glass fruit cocktail juice 1/2 liter ice-cream Pineapple slices for garnishing Method Mix the pineapple juice [...]