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There are many microorganisms that live on our skin and in our bodies, and while most of them are harmless, certain types like selected fungi or overgrowths of normally harmless types can cause fungal infections of the skin. The latest studies show that the natural remedy of fungal infection is in vitamin B3, also known [...]

  Its ok, 85% of women say they feel better after crying. It’s a way humans have of alleviating stress. Just how does it work? Tears rid the body of chemicals that build up during periods of stress, allowing us to relax. As far as men are concerned, the society we live is a male [...]

The ability of zebra fish to regenerate damaged retinas has given scientists a clue about restoring human vision and could lead to an experimental treatment for blindness within 5 years. An adult stem cell found in the eyes of both fish and mammals that develops into neurons in the retina has been developed. In future, [...]

Peppermint with its healing powers is back in picture. Scientists have claimed that rubbing peppermint extracts across the forehead can cure a headache faster than conventional painkillers. A study showed that 95% volunteers who applied the extract felt relief within two minutes. While the same number of volunteers felt the pain go away in 30 [...]

scientists are researching the treatment of depression through magnetic pulses and the initial studies have proven successfully. There is also a growing interest in exploring the use of the technique for the treatment of anxiety disorders, schizophrenia,  stroke and perhaps epilepsy. In this technique, a current is induced through magnetic stimulation without actually having an [...]

  Eating sensibly can actually keep you physically and emotionally satisfied. In order to curb your appetite, begin each meal with a green salad. This will keep you away from overloading on the main course. In a study of 42 women, those who started their pasta lunch with a 100 calorie salad containing 3 1/2 [...]