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You can use tin of lychees or fresh ones, as you like for this lychee mint drink or cocktail. I usually prefer fresh lychees when they are in season. This drink is so refreshing and tasty that you want it again and again. Ingredients Of Lychee And Mint Drink 1 cup lychees Sugar to taste [...]

The following recipe will serve two people. Mint flavor gives the refreshing and cool effect to this drink. I love to have this drink with my dinner. Make this drink when you want to serve it for good results. Mint Margarita is available almost in all restaurants and the price is quite high. Now you [...]

Ingredients 1 tbsp sugar. colored with any food coloring 4 ice cubes 1/4 cup grape juice 1 cup carbonated water Method Pour the sugar into a dish, moisten the glass, turn up-side down, and place in dish to coat the sugar on the glass edge. Put ice cubes in glass and add the grape juice [...]