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Eid is just finished and we can use this recipe to make yummy sheekh kebab without arranging barbeque. With this simple recipe you can make make 12-15 kebabs. Ingredients Of Seekh Kebabs 1/2 kg mince Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp. Onion 1 large raw and sliced Hard buns 2 (remove hard part and then soak [...]

You can also make these chicken shami kebabs with beef. The recipe will be same but beef will take more time to get tender as compared to chicken. You can freeze these kebabs for 1-2 months. Ingredients Of Chicken Shami Kebabs 1 kg chicken, large pieces or you can also take boneless 1 cup chick [...]

Here is a very easy recipe of shami kebab. You can freeze them and fry whenever you need to eat. Ingredients Of Shami Kebab 1 kg beef 1 cup gram lentils Tsp2 tsp cumin seeds 10 red chili pods 4 black cardamoms 12 black peppercorns 12 cloves of garlic 1 piece of cinnamon stick 1 [...]