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Drinking lots of water is vital to good health and also for good looks. Anything dehydrated, picture a dried prune, gets to look pretty wrinkled. And as dehydration is part of the ageing process, drinking plenty of water is essential not only to keep the skin resilient but also to keep the organs functioning and [...]

Today everyone is conscious about their healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to look great and wants to lead a flawless healthy life. There are many ways through which people are maintaining themselves, out of which Mediterranean diet is the popular one. The Mediterranean diet is a modern nutritional model inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of [...]

Lose weight while you sleep. Imagine, shedding pounds simply by spending more time in bed. Sounds like something out of a late night infomercial. But two studies shows a striking connection between amount of sleep and levels of appetite regulating hormones in the body. The findings suggest that chronic sleep deprivation could be making you [...]

  I already mentioned in my other article “the types of diets”, their side effects and how those diets can effect your health. You cant lose your weight overnight, its a slow process and it needs a lots of steps to be followed. You should target yourself not to lose weight only but to lose [...]