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  Bien vivre is an energizing and refreshing mist. It wraps the body with a delightful perfumed film, which makes you feel good throughout the day. Its fresh and invigorating fragrance stimulates the senses. Its formula contains trace elements and citrus fruit extracts that provide well-being and vitality instantly. Enriched in sensiva, it provides extreme [...]

  “One must cause heads to turn when he/she enters a room. That’s the inspiration for my fragrances and always will be” says Mr. Valentino about his fragrances. Rock & rose is a beautiful, lovely, elegant and luxury super feminine fragrance. The perfume is composed of fresh fruity (‘irresistible’), classic floral (‘elegant’) and sensual (‘provocative’) [...]

Multitech has launched a fragrance for men, Davidoff Adventure in fragrance arena of Pakistan.Vibrant and captivating, Davidoff Adventure explores an un-chartered fragrance territory. Davidoff have created a scent for the wild, free-spirited man. A blend of warm, earthy tones with exotic woods at the base and top notes of mandarin and lemon, its sexy and [...]

  Younger looking hands just became possible with “manicure by OPI”. Now OPI brings you professional facial quality care in a four step system that: Exfoliates Revitalizes Renews Protects First the Skin Renewal Scrub gently buffs away dullness leaving skin ready to drink in the Effervescent Soak, a luxurious silky emollient and mineral rich hand [...]

Check out Triumph’s range of imported undergarments, including fashionable underwire styles in sheer lace and Lycra and the ultimate push up Maximizer. Triumph are also offering T-shirt bras, a Form and Beauty range, Be Happy (a trendy cotton comfort range for the young miss) and the Tri- Action sports bra. Triumph is also introduced the [...]