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quick chicken recipes

This chicken pineapple gravy has very unique sweet and sour taste. You can serve chicken pineapple with fried rice or boiled rice. Its simple and easy and its difficult to beat its taste. Ingredients Of Chicken Pineapple 1 kg boneless chicken cubes Marinade 2 tbsp. flour 2 tbsp. corn flour Salt to taste 1 tsp. black pepper 2 [...]

Enjoy this Ramadan with special iftari recipes by prominent chef Zubeida Tariq. Here is one of her best chicken steak recipe. image courtesy: cooking manners Ingredients Of Chicken Steak 4 pieces chicken breasts, hammer and flattened 1tbsp soya sauce 1tsp mustard powder 1tsp white pepper 1 tbsp. white vinegar Salt to taste 1 tsp. sugar [...]

Some people think that chicken peanut korma is very difficult dish but in my view it is one of the quick chicken recipe. Try it and enjoy it. image courtesy: pikachakula Ingredients Of Chicken Peanut Korma 1kg chicken 200 gm. crushed peanuts 200 gm. tomatoes, chopped 250 gm. oil 250 gm. onions, finely sliced 200 gm. [...]