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fried tandoori sandwich

I cooked boneless chicken with tandoori masala for this fried tandoori sandwich. Shred the cooked chicken and then mix it with mayonnaise. Make all sandwiches with the given recipe and then just before serving fry them in 1 tbsp. oil in a nonstick pan. It will give a crispy touch to your bread. Ingredients Of [...]

I made this homemade subway sandwich in dinner and believe me it is just like the original subway. You can add anything in it like chicken, turkey, fish, and vegetables, and sauces. The best taste comes with a good quality of bread. I bought an oregano bread loaf from Rahat Bakers. You can also bake [...]

To make pinwheel sandwiches you need to flatten the bread with rolling pin and then add fillings and curled up into roll and cut. There are endless options for fillings. You can add anything in filling like cheese, eggs, chicken, fish,etc. It is one bite snack and you can also give these sandwiches as lunch to [...]

Last night my husband made these sandwiches on dinner. They were very tasty and this recipe is his own version . Here I am sharing the quick and easy club sandwich recipe with you. Enjoy. Following recipe is enough for two persons. You can double the ingredients according to your need. Ingredients Of Club Sandwich [...]

This creamy basil chickpea spread stands up to and complements the strong flavor of sardines. Even sardine haters might like this Sardine sandwich. Wait to add green onion until chickpea spread is creamy, then pulse until onions are mixed in. Any leftover chickpea spread makes or a delicious dip with pita bread or vegetables. Image [...]

Ingredients 3 cups boiled chi peas (chanay) 1 onion finely chopped 1/2 bunch fresh coriander chopped Salt to taste 1tsp black pepper 1 tsp white pepper 1/2 beaten egg 2 tbsp flour 4 bread slices(remove edges) 4tbsp mayonnaise 1 cucumber thin slices 1 tomato thin slices Lettuce bunch Method Mash the chic peas fully with [...]