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side dish

mozeralla sticks

To make perfect mozzarella sticks you must have to freeze them for 40 minutes before frying them in hot oil. It tastes great with chili sauce or marinara sauce. You can serve them as a snack or side dish. Always serve hot for great taste. Ingredients  12 pieces mozzarella Sticks or you can cut mozzarella [...]


Hummus is an Arabic name and it is made from mashed chickpeas. The chickpeas make it a good source of protein and dietary fiber. This dip is super healthy. I served hummus with toasted pita bread and some chips. It looks great as a side dish on your table Ingredients Of Hummus 3 cups drained [...]

mix salad

You can add anything to mix salad. Any fruits or vegetables, mushrooms, corn, olives and the list go on. I also added some nuts in it to enhance the taste of fruits and vegetables. You can also change the salad dressing according to your taste and liking. Ingredients Of Mix Salad 3 apples, cut into [...]

This recipe is one of my favorite. Whenever I have some leftover chicken I baked these chicken stuffed potatoes. I love them with lots of cheese topping. You can use cooked chicken or boiled chicken whatever you have in its filling. You can boil potatoes or you can also microwave them. Ingredients Of Chicken Stuffed [...]

I got a loaf of French bread at home so I was thinking of making something out of it beside garlic bread. So I add up some spices, chicken, and cheese and the result was awesome. Try this simple and quick recipe of mini chicken bites and feed your tummy with taste. It’s one bite [...]

This dish was specially prepared for kids by chef Zakir. Kids and even the elders love to eat creamy potatoes and this is a variation which you can give your kid beside French fries. image courtesy: recipe coles Ingredients Of Creamy Potatoes 1/2 kg potatoes 2 green onions (only green part, chopped) 2 tbsp. flour [...]

Fried Chicken Cubes will be ready in 15- 20 minutes and it’s too tasty to resist, try it and serve it with your main menu or as a snack. Ingredients 300 gm boneless chicken cubes 2 tbs flour 1 egg Salt according to taste Black pepper according to taste 1 tbs soya sauce 1 tbs [...]

It is very quick fried onion rings recipe. You can have as a side dish with your dinner or You can have it with your evening tea. Serve it with any of your favorite sauce. Serve hot. You can also bake onion rings in oven. First you have to make onion rings batter and then dip [...]