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simple cake

This recipe for the vanilla white chocolate cake is shared by Bibi Khan. She is a very talented cook and baker. you can try her recipes without any doubt. This cake is very soft and moist and filled with white chocolate and covered with buttercream frosting. You can make any design of your choice with [...]

This eclairs cake is baked by Chef Asad Latif. He is very talented chef and he come on metro one channel. Recipe is simple and if you just want to make eclairs then you can also make them with the help of following recipe. Ingredients Of Eclairs Cake For Eclairs 1 cup flour 1 cup butter 1 cup water [...]

tea cake

I love to have this tea cake with my coffee or tea. The aroma of this freshly baked cake is out of this world. Do try and give your comments in the section below. This cake tastes like pound cake and it is very soft and moist. I love its buttery flavour and I like [...]