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split ends

For Hair Fall Take 1 bottle of almond oil and heat it up. Add 2 to 3 tbsp. fenugreek seeds to it and store it. Before using, heat this oil again. Take some of the oil as much you want to apply to your hair ( a quarter cup will be enough) and mix 2-3 [...]

Split ends are a result of stresses that push hair to its breaking point.  Each hair fiber is enclosed by the cuticle, which protects the more fragile core of the hair fiber from damage.  Heat, hairstyling stress, excessive friction and even natural weathering can damage the cuticle and degrade its protective abilities, causing damaged hair.  [...]

Besides getting a cut and style that’s right for you, experts recommend regular trims and drinking plenty of water for healthier hair. They also recommend styling it less and a few timeless tricks won’t hurt either. Here are some tips for a quick hair fix:   Split Ends The best way to avoid split ends [...]